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Industrial Energy Solutions was established in 2006 and known as market trusted insulation service provider remain at the forefront of refractory, hot & cold insulation, fire proffing, underground coatings, painting, blasting, scaffolding & other construction support in the refinery, petrochemicals, cement, iron & steel, non-ferrous, lime, chemical industry. By keeping one step ahead, we are committed to contribute in economic development by involving in construction in glass and power generation industries.

We are considered as a reputed insulation service provider of end-users, manufacturing & trading companies and suppliers of refractory, insulation, fire protection system, painting, scaffolding wrapping, coating and allied industrial products the company is powered by strong and dynamic organization that forms of a nationwide driving forces and resources of innovative minds. Its home-grown identity and technical expertise combined with the world's best practices and accepted standard related construction activities has made the company performance unsurpassed in the industry. We pay special emphasis towards the complete satisfaction of diverse industrial customers. It renders complete solutions to reduce scheduled downtime and plant operation to maximum availability and utilization.


To become one of the top most Service Provider Company in the field of Energy Conservation and to becomeĀ a viable provider of solutions of heat intensive problems.


A specialized, reliable and preferred provider of refractory hot & cold insulation, fire proofing, underground coatings, painting, blasting, scaffolding & other construction support applications, systems and products. A viable organization rooted with dynamism, flexibility, innovation and effective management. A working environment that enhances employees personal and professional growth.

Health & Safety

  • IES continue to strive in implementing safety programs and standards to provide safe working environment for all its workers, fellow contractors and for the safety of customer's plant and facilities where installation works are done.
  • Assures all contractor's safety training (CST) required by customers are met.
  • Assures all seminar, documentation on health, safety & environment rules are met.
  • Assures equipment & facilities safety inspection requirements are met.
  • Assures site--specific safety orientation.
  • Assures employee training in work specific hazards and dangers.

Our Commitments

We are committed that all our senior staff are personnely involved to fulfill the commitments made with the client. It is assured that we will provide functions of specifications, to define the quality of our services, material and work.


We understand that workmanship is the key area of improvement which will uplift the quality standards of our company.

Our Quality & Safety Management

Our company is trying to derive significant synergies on energy technologies and construction. We have our own experienced quality and safety management team to improve/innovative the standards. Efficiencies in the form of reduced running costs and consistent quality and safety standards and have been ensured with all regulatory requirement. A conscious awareness for applying quality and safety control measures and cost leadership permitted at all levels.

Our Objectives

(I) Economic Objectives

IES, As we know is a primarily an economic activity. The major economic objectives to be achieved by IES are:
Earning of profit, Creation of market and innovation.

(1) Creating Markets

IES tries to create customers for its products and services. The more the customers are treated, the wider will be the market for the goods and larger the profit.

(2) Technological Improvements

IES, if it is to stay in the market, must offset stagnation by using efficient methods of production. The creation of new products, new designs and application of new techniques of production contributes to growth, change and expansion in the economy.

(II) Social Objectives

The social objectives of IES are gaining more and more recognition with each passing year. The main social objectives of IES are as follows:

(1) Supply of Standard Quality of Goods

One of the social responsibilities of IES is to produce goods of standard quality. If the enterprise is producing inferior, substandard and adulterated goods, it will be doing disservice to the society.

(2) Avoidance of anti social practices

It is not fair on the part of IES to indulge in anti social practices such as hoarding, black marketing, smuggling, overcharging etc. To earn profit, a reasonable profit on a legitimate IES is regarded a healthy sign and considered HI/AL from islamic point of view also.

(3) Provision of more employement

IES provides employement to the people. It thus helps in increasing the standard of living of the members of the society.

(4) Use of national Resources

IES should use the national resources in the best interest of the country. Wastage should be reduced to the maximum. The motto should be more and more goods for more and more people at lower prices.

Market Leadership

Our scale and leading market position enable us to offer providing specialty multi-craft services as a single source provider and more than 29,00,000 man hours annually to our customers. We are able to respond raidly and execute our customer's maintenance and capital investment requirements in a timely manner. IES is uniquely positioned to provide the smartest and most efficient solutions to our customers.

Infrastructure and Resources

We have established our position of leadership to build a solid foundation from which we continuously grow and improve our ability to serve our customers. Our infrastructure and resources enable us to deliver integrated value-added solutions for our customer's non-mechanical in-plant maintenance and capital needs.

Management Team

Our management team has prifitability grown the company while continuously improving safety and the quality of our services. Our senior management team has an average of 22 years of relevant industry experience, while at the division level our team averages 10 years of experience. Backed by the best functional teams in the industry, our local team work with our customers to help them make critical decisions everyday.

Application Area
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Fertiliser plants
  • Cement plants
  • Steel Plants

Why us?
  • Carried out massive 500000 Sqm Insulation works within 8 month at Reliance Industries SEZ Jamnagar
  • Executed 270 mtr height chimney insulation works at (2 X 600 mw ) Essar Power , Salaya Jamnagar with zero accidents.
  • Major Refractory works RR Packages and heaters and ducts during Shut Down Jobs At BPCL , KOCHI.
  • Executed 6480000 lakhs of man-hours works.
  • Executed 10000 MT Painting jobs within 7 months duration at Reliance Jamnagar.

General Information
Company Name : Industrial Energy Solutions
Business Type : Service Provider
Year of Established : 2007
Other Information
Product Services : Service Provider of: Hot Insulation, Cold Insulation, Acoustic Insulation
Country : INDIA